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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent


Cruising on a Sea of Memories to the Land of Self-Discovery

My book, HELLO MYRMIDON, came about because I started thinking about my past, as I struggled to help my granddaughter to make wiser choices impacting her future. I eventually decided that a book would be the best way to achieve this. So in January, 2016, I set out on an intensive stroll down memory lane as I gave life to two fictional pen pals who are facing challenges similar to those of my granddaughter. The manuscript, HELLO MYRMIDON, was completed in 6 months, whereupon the stream of recalled memories abruptly subsided. However, the recollections had been so deeply buried that it took 6 more months of reading and revising the manuscript for me to internalize how those long-forgotten experiences made the person that I am today. Exactly a year after the beginning of this self-discovery, I again began to experience another unexpected flood of recollections. However, this time I was at first unaware of what I was meant to do with this new treasure chest of memories.

At almost the same time, an opportunity to have this website surfaced, and with it a chance to join the 21st century with a “blog”. So before the site was even ready, I began to access this newly discovered cache of inspiration to write my first blog entry. The words just poured out of my mind, through my fingers, and on to the page. They were a mix of old memories mingling with current thoughts that soon took on a life of its own. After a few pages, I realized that these “letters” from my angels could be grist for the mill of another book someday, a kind of a spin-off of HELLO MYRMIDON. So I continue to share my thoughts in this blog, whenever waves of enlightenment wash across my mind and materialize as words on the page.

Because I would like to help others achieve some measure of self-reflection, I try to make each entry at once informational and inspirational. It is my hope that each reader will begin his own journey of self-discovery by allowing his thoughts to begin to wander through the archives of his own long buried memories and dreams. HELLO MYRMIDON is the result of the first year of my voyage of self-discovery. Now you are invited to join me on this trek as I continue to explore my world both past and present, and observe how together they paint a picture of me. Along the way perhaps you too will begin a subtle and unexpected sojourn into your own past, and how it relates to your current self. To start at the beginning of our journey together, click on December 1, 2016, my first blog.

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