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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

3rd Mar My Miracles, Part 2

The first miracle that I talked about yesterday is a gift that keeps on giving, even today. Sure, I have a disabled arm. But it has one minor advantage in today’s world. It means I am exempted from those pesky full body scanners at airports because I can’t raise both arms above my head. But it is otherwise an annoyance that I have learned to live with. A few short years after my surgery the techniques had improved so much that you can’t tell by looking that a person has even had their thyroid out—no loss of neck muscles, no ear to ear scars, etc. But there is still the loss of the nerve to the arm. In my work as a dietitian I have seen people who have had recent thyroid surgery with the same arm disability as I have. I also have watched as people who got radiation during the same time as I did reach their 30’s, only to be told that they had the type of thyroid cancer that has already spread throughout their body, and is absolutely fatal.

I ultimately realized that my doctors were correct, almost all thyroid cancer from that era is fatal. Except my kind. It came up so quickly that it was still contained within the thyroid when it was detected, so that it could be totally removed. As I watched all those people dying around me in their 30’s while I continued to stay cancer free, I realized that my bum arm and lack of neck muscles are more of a blessing than a curse. So now I call it my miracle #1.

Then in 2002 my sister and I attended a weekend seminar where we were infused with some special healing energy. On the way there we shared our hopes of what we wanted to experience. I said I wanted my arthritic hands to work better. Consideration of my thyroid was not even on my radar. The first evening the practitioner asked for someone with hand trouble, so I volunteered. He infused the energy as he held my hand, while he continued telling everyone the story of how he had received this energy from spirit, and that it can change our DNA. Afterwards my hands did work better, but on the way back to our room at the youth hostel that evening, the thing I noticed most was that I was uncomfortably warm. It was San Francisco in February, very cool and damp, but I could hardly leave my coat on.

The next day when the practitioner checked the level of my new energy he was very surprised that it was, in his words, “surprisingly hot”. My feeling of being uncomfortably warm lasted not only throughout the weekend but also persisted for 6 more weeks. Finally I got desperate and decided to try discontinuing my thyroid replacement medicine. Immediately I returned to normal! All subsequent tests have shown that my thyroid hormone levels are normal. But how can that be? I have absolutely had no thyroid gland since 1956! When I offered to allow myself to be studied at that San Francisco hospital, the doctor in charge said it was not possible, I must still have some gland left! I told him to look at the records, and that I had required the medication for 45 years, but now I didn’t. He had no answer for that. Today, 15 years later, I still do not require thyroid medication, which makes that miracle #2.

Anyone who is still not a believer in miracles after this discussion is welcome to contact me and I will be glad to show them the proof.

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