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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

9th Dec Finding a Perfect Tree

Over the years there were many fun things that we did together that made Christmas a special time. Traditions that we looked forward to, and that at last gave us our Christmas spirit. During our first spring KW went to work for a trucking company that hauled all the logs for a local timber company. Each year on one Saturday before Christmas they allowed all the mill and trucking employees to wander around in their 80,000 acres of forest to find a Christmas tree. This became an annual trek for us, we called it the “biggest Christmas tree lot in the world”. Being a truck driver, KW was very familiar with all the many roads that criss-crossed the area, so we never had to worry about becoming lost in that vast maze of redwood, fir, and oak.

All year he kept his eyes out for the areas that had the best trees. On the scheduled day we packed a lunch, took another couple along with us, and made a day of it. It was not only a really fun outing, but it taught us how to spot the best trees. This was a skill that would later come in very handy when we cut trees from our own forest land. The 4 of us always came home with our truck loaded with several wonderful trees. We would decide on which ones were perfect for us, and then give the others to people we knew that otherwise wouldn’t have a tree. This continued for many years, until KW was forced to retire due to an earlier injury. We still could have participated in the annual event, but riding around on those bumpy roads all day was just too painful for him. For a while we cut our tree on our own land. But as KW’s health deteriorated, we stopped having any indoor tree, and purchased a metal outdoor tree as a lawn ornament instead.

A major powerline goes through our property, so the trees there are not allowed to grow tall. Because the power company comes through every few years and cuts everything down, we decided to “rescue” a pickup load of nice little trees every year or 2. We used the skills we developed over the years on our Christmas tree treks, and had a great time searching over hill and dale to find a dozen or so perfect little trees. These are wild trees, tended only by God, with perfectly natural color, shape and height. No pruning, no fertilizer. We hauled the truckload to town, and immediately put them in buckets of water to keep them fresh. We spread them out around our front yard, and then put out signs on the road for “trees, $5.00”

Not many people stopped, but those who did would bring hankies full of change. Or sometimes they would search the console in their car to add to what they had in their pockets to make the $5.00. Occasionally they came up a little short, so we sold them the tree for whatever they handed us. We would have just given them the tree, but then the person thinks that the item is of no value, or comes to always expect charity without having to contributing anything to obtain it. On the other hand, by offering the trees at far below the market price we are able to give Christmas cheer. And by their paying something for it the people are able to keep their self-respect. The proof of this is that we have always sold out, usually on the first day. It is a win-win, so I have continued the practice even now that KW is not here to help. Just my way of spreading Christmas cheer.

Over the years after we bought the lawn tree we turned our yard into a nightly showplace. So much so that our neighbors across the street felt compelled to outdo us, and it became a fierce rivalry. It was something that KW really enjoyed, so it was a labor of love for me each year as I put them up by myself and added a few more each year. Since he died in 2010 all those lights and even the tree have remained in their boxes. I haven’t had any enthusiasm for them since. And my neighbor also quit putting most of theirs up too. So our street is dark at Christmas these days, all because of my decision not to put up the lights. There go the ripples in the pond again…

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