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10th Jan My Book Is On Its Way to Publication

HELLO MYRMIDON is now entering the beginning stages of publication, so I need to address other aspects of the book besides the text. One such item is the protective jacket. Since the book will be published in a heritage format bound in plain leather, the jacket will be instrumental in capturing the interest of prospective readers.  The front will have an attractive portrayal of the girls, and the back will have 3 great reviews. The flaps will need a short paragraph describing the essence of the book and a short bio of me.  But I need a place to convince readers that the content of the book is worth the price. Perhaps an introduction before the prologue would work. The following is what I have so far, the last paragraph could also be used on the jacket.  Please have a look at it and let me know what you think:


Today, the 1960’s is considered by Americans to be a turbulent decade, full of rebellion, riots, assassinations, and anti-everythings. We fought against injustice wherever we saw it, using everything from marches on Washington to fatal clashes with university police over the war in Viet Nam. We saw several beloved men ripped from our world by bullets fired by people who were not satisfied with just marching or demonstrating against those they opposed. We saw uniformed boys proudly come home from a very life-altering war, only to be spat upon and ridiculed for their brave service to their country.

Popular musical culture began the decade fairly quietly, with prim and proper behavior at concerts, whether in venues like Carnegie Hall, American Bandstand, or the Ed Sullivan show. Soon folk music appeared that spoke especially to college kids, addressing many issues concerning how we treat each other and the planet where we live.  Then along came the British Invasion, with the Beatles and all the other groups that followed them, causing teenage girls to leap out of their seats screaming and swooning at concerts and TV show performances.  Finally, the hippies decided just to leave everything behind and “drop out” by converging on Haight Ashbury in San Francisco with flowers in their hair, to drown their sorrows in psychedelic drugs, “free love”, and wild music.  As a result of all of these changes, by the end of the decade popular music had morphed into landmark happenings like Woodstock.

There were other types of extraordinary events that changed our history as well. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech has reverberated in the halls of our government ever since, with laws and rulings that strive to provide the justice he sought for all minorities. We listened to the call by President Kennedy to “Ask not what your country can do for you”, and then we joined up when he provided the Peace Corps as a means to answer his question “What can you do for your country?” We wept when we lost Bobby Kennedy, because we knew he had the power and the will to have continued the legacies left by Martin and John.  The song “Abraham, Martin, and John” sung by Dion expressed perfectly what we felt, and still brings tears to my eyes even today.  

We also watched as JFK’s goal of reaching the moon in that decade progressed from a satellite that first took a monkey into space, through John Glenn’s orbital flight, and all the way to that “One giant leap for mankind” pronouncement as man stepped onto the moon for the first time.  Both cars and life also speeded up and became progressively more streamlined throughout the decade, by offering us many technological innovations that made our lives easier and richer.  Star Trek personal communicators remained the stuff of science fiction, however, so we had no clue that technology as we knew it would be left far behind in the dust of time a mere 50 years later.

But what about the regular people, who worked at ordinary jobs, attended public schools, and engaged in popular activities of the day? What were their lives like, day to day?  What joys or sorrows did they experience?  What were their plans for the future?  What was their legacy?

HELLO MYRMIDON provides a candid glimpse into the lives of two ordinary girls in the mid 1960’s.  As pen-pal seniors in high school and college, they share with each other their simple joys and day to day struggles.  This provides today’s readers with the flavor of what life was really like, away from all the events and turmoil of the 1960’s.  Their quiet little lives give us much to consider about how humans should act toward one another, and what it means to be responsible adults even today. Through their stories the girls show us how decisions are the guiding force whereby each individual carves a unique pathway to his or her own destiny. This is the true legacy that we inherited from those ordinary folks who lived through the tumultuous 1960’s, and it can be viewed first hand in the pages of HELLO MYRMIDON.

 (The original version of “Abraham, Martin, and John” can be found at )

Anyone who leaves a comment will be notified when the book is ready for sale.


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