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31st Dec 2016: Successes and Failures

In looking back at this year, I see that there were successes and there were failures. Or should I say, there were miracles, but there were also goals not met. I spent a very pleasant week each month during the summer at my place in the small rural valley of my youth. I really enjoyed the familiar ambiance while preparing it for the day when I will build my dream house there. But the progress toward that goal was much slower than I had hoped. This was because I did not find a buyer for my tree farm, in order to have the funds to continue. Indeed, that was a big disappointment. But through setbacks like this, my angels continually remind me that I may know what I want, but they know when the time is right to provide it. Slowly but surely I am learning patience.

One monumental success this year was the completion of my book, HELLO MYRMIDON. It never would have been done at all if my place had sold this year as I expected, since my attention would have been on moving instead of on writing the book. A good friend volunteered to assist me with the first editing of the completed rough draft. So now, with her a help, the manuscript is as polished as I can make it and is ready for the next step. However, I am disappointed that I have not yet made any meaningful progress towards finding a publisher. I have to believe that my angels will choose the perfect time to provide one who understands what HELLO MYRMIDON has to offer, and will take a chance on it. I just keep telling myself, "Patience, my dear lady, patience"

Another major success this year was my decision to resume recording inspirations from the angels, similar to those that had become HELLO MYRMIDON. When I first thought of writing them down I had no idea of what the angels planned for me to do with them. But soon, I realized that I could join the 21st century and use them as a blog on my new website! Now I can both introduce HELLO MYRMIDON to the world, and at the same time, continue its legacy of sharing pearls of wisdom from my angels. How is that for timing, eh?

Of course there were many smaller success/failure scenarios. But the most important thing I can take from this year is to keep my chin up, revel in the successes, and consider the failures as learning experiences. Through this I have learned to believe in myself and my place in the world, and to have a positive attitude about my ability to work through the failures to achieve success.

As I enter the vast unknown of 2017, I am filled with anticipation for all the "miracles" that my angels have planned for me. And I am likewise prepared with a positive attitude for any disappointments that may accompany them. I know today’s entry will not be publicly posted until the year is well underway. But for everyone who will eventually read it, I ask my angels to bless them now with a wonder-filled New Year, and to brighten all their lives with more successes than failures.

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