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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

1st Dec the 2nd Year of My Voyage is Over

The first year of my voyage of self-discovery resulted from memories that surfaced while writing Hello Myrmidon.  But when the year was over and the book was finished the memory stream did not subside, so I needed another way to continue on this voyage. That's when I decided to explore my memories in a blog. I can hardly believe that it was a year ago today, Dec 1, 2016 that I launched this second year of my voyage.  Every time I look at that beginning article now I can see how far I have come, both in the subjects I have chosen and in the way I have written about them.  We visited many ports of call along the way, which we explored because bits and pieces of the past floated to the surface of my ocean of memories. In the process of investigating the sights and sounds at each of these stops along the way, I have discovered how these random puzzle pieces of flotsam have come together to create this unique and complex individual that the world has now come to know as Angel Clough. 

Sometimes we've had fun playing with words. Other times we've had very emotional experiences as powerful verbiage poured out from my mind onto the pages, examining the scars left by each floating fragment that has emerged from a time in the distant past when it was still new and sharp. These included challenges I have faced, miracles I have experienced, and occasional thoughts I have had about Hello Myrmidon.  Still other times we merely re-lived stories that elicited a smile and pleasant reminiscense of days gone by.  Some were Bible stories, others were stories read to me as a child such as The Littlest Angel, or tales of colorful family happenings passed down by my elder family members.  But each story as well as each blog article, in its own way, has contributed  to who I am today, how I think and behave, and the way I interact with the world.

I know more now about why i feel the way I do about various people, places, events, opinions, etc.  I also understand better my drive to teach, and to communicate to folks what I know about life and ways to improve our experience as we journey along our chosen pathways. I can also grasp more fully now the depth and richness of my spirituality, and because of that I have realized more about why my angels guided me to write Hello Myrmidon.  I can see now the many choices I have made in my life that qualify me to help others to realize the power of decisions in their lives as well. Thanks to this experience I have also developed a closer and more intimate connection with my angels.  Some of the articles with which they have blessed us through my thoughts are very informational, others  are  more inspirational, but they all have a message from the angels for those who choose to read them all the way through.

Each article gave me both enjoyment and a feeling of fulfillment that I have otherwise rarely felt in my life since I retired.  At work I had opportunities one after the other to positively impact the lives of people. As I spent time with them, one on one, I was able to offer them the tools  to improve their health.  Now I just enjoy casual, serendipitous encounters in places like the post office or grocery stores, interacting with folks by offering a friendly smile, a word of encouragement, or a snippet of wise counsel to take home from the experience.

These brief but enjoyable tete-a-tetes are usually like two ships passing in the night, not really knowing much about each other but politely exchanging pleasantries via flashing lights or lilting horn blasts.  But occasionally the ships stop to exchange more tangible things, like information via voice communication, or even items delivered by raft. Such rare and exceptional encounters resulting in deeper connections have provided me with special memory souvenirs to treasure for a long time to come.  One example of this was the hour-long supermarket interlude described in one article about the three young men  from India who were visiting our area for the first time.

Regardless of its depth or duration,  each of my chance encounters this year has enriched my life, and I hope the other person has felt the same way.  But those interactions are mostly quite superficial, whereas these blog articles have been able to dig down and reach the soft underbelly of the thoughts brought on by various memories as they floated up and made their presence known. Each of these recollections has created a new port of call by blocking the way forward, until we have fully explored it before continuing on with our voyage. I hope that all who have chosen to read one or more of the articles have found something to stimulate their thinking about the subject. As a result, perhaps a piece or two of their own flotsam has risen to the surface of their sea of memories, leaving it to bob around until they recognize how it has affected their lives.

I expect this entire year of blog articles to serve as the content of my next book. At this time the plan is to publish it only after Hello Myrmidon has demonstrated at least a modest modicum of success. For now it will be available for free here on the site for a few more weeks, and then be archived, awaiting publication at a later date. So those who want to read for free the ones they haven’t read yet from this past year should plan to read at least one or two every day, before it disappears from easy access and then reappears as a high-end companion print volume for Hello Myrmidon. Those hardy souls who wish to know when either book is actually published can leave a comment here to that effect, and I will inform them as soon as the books are available for sale.   





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