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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

18th Dec Red Letter Days Mark Milestones

Yesterday, as I discussed several facets of my latest Red Letter day, it became apparent that this is a major port of call on my voyage of self-discovery.  Along with a review of my “treefarm” era, my thoughts uncovered a dozen additional distinct time periods, each bookended with its own unique milestones. Some markers were very subtle, barely noticeable until well into or beyond the era, but others were clearly defined by specific events.  Graduation days for instance: once from high school, twice from universities, and the final one from my internship.  These are obviously Red Letter days that everyone recognizes, and their culmination is viewed by the world as a major milestone marking the stage of adulthood when we begin the career that will define our lives from then on.

By compelling myself to recall those bygone milestones, I also brought into focus how this latest era of my life has contributed to the larger picture of who I am. During my sojourn throughout the “treefarm” era, I have heard people sometimes refer to me as “an amazing woman”. In spite of other spectacular eras I have traversed, I have never previously heard myself described that way.   For that reason I routinely dismissed this moniker as nothing more than comments made by folks who have not been blessed with the variety of opportunities I’ve had. I felt if they only knew how ordinary I am they would not be so impressed.  

As I reviewed in my mind all the times I have done things that others haven't even dared to dream of, I began to realize that, while this past era was the longest of my life, it was not my most colorful or unusual  time.  I would have to say that August 4,1969 was the Red Letter date that really set me apart from “regular” people.  That was the day my friend and I boarded a plane to Shannon Ireland, to begin a globe-trotting panorama that would take me on a magic carpet ride to life-changing adventures in many far flung countries.

That day in 1969 was not recognized as anything special except by the two of us, and even we might not recall the exact date after all these years, if it had not been my traveling companion’s birthday.   By comparison, the exact date of my return home is lost in antiquity, and remembered only as an ordinary day in February 1971. However, the significance of both of those days is indelibly etched in the annals of my life history. In fact, since then I have carefully saved the tangible memorabilia I collected during that era, and I plan to use them to write a book about my travels someday. I even have the introduction already penned, so I believe that book could be a significant milestone itself, should I actually develop into a serious author. Will anyone ever refer to me as an amazing woman for my scribblings?  We shall see…..

As a result of this voyage I have a greater appreciation for how each stage in a person’s life defines his or her development as a member of the human race. Most of us don’t really think about it as we move from marker to marker, until we have accumulated enough eras that we can, if we choose, look back and see the sum total of what we have become as a result.  Those who have collected a number of these Red Letter days have amassed a considerable cache of adventures and lessons learned. When recalled, these stories can not only  help them see how  they themselves have been shaped  as a person, but also  how their life has impacted the world and added value to the family of man.  

During this ongoing blog voyage I will continue to try to show by example the value of sharing a few of my memorable experiences and noting how they have shaped me.  I hope this will encourage those who choose to join me as fellow passengers on my voyage to begin looking at their own past in relation to the human footprints they too have left behind in the sands of time.If this indeed happens I will consider it my gift to the world. Think about it….. Search through your bygone eras for pearls that you can resurrect from your memory archives and share with humanity using your own special talents.  Stories, music, artistry in all forms, good deeds, and kind gestures all grow out of the sum total of our experiences, and, when shared, can contribute a lasting effect that may become your legacy.


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