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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

22nd Mar Website Lessons

 Today is the fifth day since the launch of this website.  I will write another entry soon that will discuss the feedback and other interesting discoveries concerning the new site.  However, today I am scheduled to learn how to do the admin tasks on the site, so the purpose of this entry is to have a new one for me to post all by myself.  To most people today I guess that seems like a simple thing, but to me it conjures up all kinds of demons in my mind.  So if this writing seems a bit discombulated, please forgive me.  Especially since they are going to call me in about an hour and expect me to be ready for my lessons.  Eeeek!  Of course I have waited til the last minute to write this, since this whole learning experience is no more pleasant to look forward to than a root canal. 

The whole process of creating the site has been a real roller coaster ride— alternately feeling elated and scared to death.  This part today certainly falls into the category of the latter.  But watching the site take shape first in my mind and then on the screen has been an experience that I could not have even imagined a few months ago.  The guys who have had to put up with my “artistic nit-picking” have been very longsuffering and pleasant the whole time, which has been very reassuring to me that we would eventually accomplish the “million dollar site” that they promised.

In fact, they bowled me over the other day when they said that I was one of very few of their clients who have designed their own site!  And, I am sure aside from my artistic insistence that everything be perfect, they say they have really enjoyed doing it and have learned a lot.  I had no idea.  Silly me. I thought that everyone designed their own site.  They must have been really taken aback when I sent them  the entire written content for each page,  complete with the signature photo,  color scheme,  background  watercolor package,  font package, bio photos,  list of pages,  and detailed instructions in writing on how I wanted it to all be put together. 

What I didn’t know was that this gave them such a challenge that they assigned not the usual 1 or 2  techies to work  on it,  but at  least 10 of their best to put their heads together to get it done,  including higher level managers as well. Wow.  I don’t know whether this means that everyone was eager to get in on the production of this million dollar site, or whether I gave them such a conundrum that they had to call in reinforcements to accomplish it  without killing off the poor techies that were first assigned to it.

As with anything that is worthwhile, it has not come cheap, which for this tightwad Taurus was a real challenge.  I could have set up a site for free, or almost free, someplace else.  But these guys not only created a masterpiece (in my opinion) to look at, they thought of many things I would have never considered.  The first task was to acquire the domain name.  The owner wanted $3000 for it!!!!  Wouldn’t you know it would be just my luck that there was a gold digger out there that already had my chosen domain name. I had already gone to “go daddy” and found this out before I ever talked to my guys,  so I had decided that I would have to modify it a bit to get it down to the normal $17, by adding a dash or something.  But the guys said that they could negotiate with the owner of the one I wanted and reduce the price substantially, which they did.  That sold me on them right there.  And considering all they have done since, I have no reservations about giving my endorsement to the guys at

And as we completed our masterpiece,  they pointed out that it was not secure,  and could be hacked, or the content stolen,  so they  obtained  the  appropriate security insurance and the copyright protection for me,  something I would have never been able to do on my own.  I knew from the start that this was what my angels wanted me to do,  having literally dropped the opportunity into my lap very unexpectedly at the exact time that I needed an outlet for these special inspirations that they were already streaming into my mind.  So I don’t know yet if this will be an expensive boondoggle or a gold mine, but I have faith that it will lead me to an adventure that I cannot yet see or even imagine.  So buckle in, and let’s see where the angels are going to take us. 

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