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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

28th Dec I Finally Hear My Angels

By the late 90’s I was finally beginning to become aware of my angels. I could usually recognize when they were trying to tell me something, but only after the fact. They would clearly tell me to do something, which I of course believed was my own thoughts. Then I would basically argue with "myself" on whether or not to do it, or how to do it. They would grow more and more insistent until I finally gave in and said "alright already, I will do it your way." After I did whatever they wanted it immediately became apparent that they were right, and afterward I could hear whispered in the back of my mind "See, I told you so." After a few times of this I would beat them to the punch and say out loud "I know, I know, you don’t have to tell me, you told me so." Since those early days this connection with them has grown and matured, and now I am very comfortable talking with them and doing what they say.

Occasionally I ask for something, and they provide it, but for some reason I feel that I cannot accept it. 2 years ago I asked for a trailer for my valley place. I specified exactly all the features that I wanted, and the amount I could pay. Less than a week later I found the exact trailer, with every feature I had requested. Except that it cost $1000 more than I had set as my limit. For this tight-wad Taurus that was a deal breaker. But my angels heckled me the whole night after I saw it, pointing out that this was a very unique find, and I better grab it. But I held fast until about 5am. It was then that I felt it was probably my husband who chimed in and reminded me that I had $1000 cash in a safe that was our "Y2K insurance fund". It had been there already 15 years untouched, so I could feel justified to use it now to avoid overreaching my finances. So as soon as possible I went to buy the trailer, and I was giving the money to the seller when another buyer came with money too. Whew. That was a close call! I stay in it when I visit my valley place now, and it is perfect. Thank you angels!

Since that time the angels have begun actually streaming information to me, first for my book, and now for this blog. And I am sure they have a hand in my new website as well. I don’t know what they have in store for me in the next few years, but I do know this, it will be something beyond my wildest imaginings. And you are welcome to come along with me on this magic carpet ride because they have guided me to share it with you. And in the process perhaps it will encourage you to begin your own spiritual journey.

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