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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

14th Apr Can One Make a Difference?

On this beautiful Good Friday morning my angels chose to awaken me with thoughts of how people can make a difference if they persevere in their beliefs and choose to make the necessary sacrifices. In their own small way, my parents did just that by following the teachings of Sister Kenny, a nurse from Australia who had sacrificed much and continually persevered against the medical establishment to bring her successful treatment methods for polio to the whole world. This train of thought apparently floated across my mind today because last night I watched the classic 1946 movie about her life.

In a previous entry to this blog I have mentioned the story my mom shared about how she came to know and use the methods of Sister Kenny during her brief time in the US Army during WWII. So I was really excited when the movie arrived at the part where Sister Kenny came to the US. I knew her treatments were controversial, and not well accepted by the medical establishment in her home country, but I did not realize that she had also been met with rejection here in all of our major urban centers. But she kept going, and eventually arrived at the Mayo Clinic in MN. From there she was embraced by the U of Minnesota.

She had to prove herself and her methods there too, but at least she was allowed to treat an acute case of polio to demonstrate the success of her treatments. It was followed and documented by their experts in the field of orthopedics as ground-breaking, and by 1943 the word was beginning to spread. That happened to be the year that my mom served in the Army Nurse Corps at Letterman General Hospital, on the Presidio in San Francisco.

And my father just happened to be a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota. He was there from the 30’s until 1942, so in all probability he learned about her treatments as a part of his studies, and may even have met her personally. How cool is that! But the coolest part is that he married my mom in 1943 right after they both joined the army, and no doubt he discussed with her this exciting new treatment method that had been espoused by his alma mater. So while my dad went off to Italy to care for soldiers in WWII, Mom stayed on the home front, nursing soldiers at Letterman. Most, of course, were injuries from the war in the Pacific. But a few were ill, such as those with polio.

Mom could have concentrated on the many, and left the polio cases to be treated by traditional methods. No one could or would have criticized her for that. But because she had learned about this new treatment from my dad, she could not in good conscience turn her back on these few men. So she asked for a small ward for them, and several enlisted men as helpers. The hospital Commander was skeptical of this new treatment that went against everything he had ever been taught. However, he respected her opinion because she had already shown her ability to reform their central supply methods at Letterman, so he granted her request.

She cared about each and every soldier in her ward, and she fondly referred to them as “her boys”, even as she recalled the story in her 90’s. To give them the best care possible, she made sure the Kenny methods were followed exactly. Among other things this involved much intensive hands on treatment, such as placing hot packs on the muscles of the boys every eight hours around the clock. Affectionately dubbed “Harriet’s angels”, her helpers were always there for her, even when she was not on duty. They eagerly did everything she expected, and became very protective of her, making sure that everyone-patients, staff, and visitors alike-treated her with the utmost care and respect.

All of her “boys” recovered from their acute condition adequately enough to be transferred to rehab facilities, where they apparently were eventually discharged with few, if any, ill effects from the polio. When the day came that she was forced to leave the army due to pregnancy (i.e. me) everyone was very sad to see her go. However, thanks to her, they could continue after she was gone to use the Kenny treatment method for as long as it was needed.

So my parents, in their own small ways, were able to change lives due to the ripple effect from all the determination, perseverance, and sacrifice of Sister Kenny. I feel that the contents of my book, while small and insignificant in the whole scheme of things, could have the ability to enrich a few people’s lives. So, armed with the example of all these people, I will continue to work at overcoming the many road blocks and lackluster public response in my quest to get Hello Myrmidon into the hands of those who can benefit from its wisdom.


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