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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

18th Sep My New Life Appears on the Horizon

During the 1990’s I watched as my disabled husband’s physical abilities slowly and almost imperceptibly ebbed away with the tides of time. As it became increasingly more difficult for him to do the maintenance on our treefarm, it was necessary for me to gradually take over the duties that he had proudly done for many years.  I was still healthy, but as I entered my 60’s I noticed that previously easy tasks were becoming more difficult for me as well.  I still assumed, however, that I would be able to continue doing what was necessary even after he was gone.  So when he did pass away while I was in my mid 60’s I tried to go on as though nothing had changed.  But it soon became apparent that before long I would not be able to keep up with all the chores required for our 47 acres. 

I projected this into the future, and realized at my current rate of decline I would need to “downsize” my life by the time I was 73.   I had a long talk with my angels, and told them that I expected to have a new life by 2017, the year I would reach that age.  I'd already been looking for a place in the special valley where I'd always dreamed of living out my retirement, and that search continued for several more years.  As my deadline approached I reminded my angels that the clock was ticking, 73 was just around the corner. Then suddenly in 2014 on my 70th birthday the angels dropped the perfect place right out of the sky. “Wow”, I thought, “I am on my way to my dream!”  But there it stalled.

No buyer for my treefarm materialized to provide the funds for building my dream house.  I listed it with a broker but no one even looked at it.  Then earlier this year I advertised it on an internet site, and hundreds of site visitors from around the world have checked out my ad, but not even one of them has contacted me for more information.  In the meantime I've set up a comfortable campsite at my place in the valley, and  i've done many projects to prepare the site for my new home.  I staked out where my house will be, had an access road built, and put in a gazebo and a hoop-house garden.  But no further meaningful progress can occur on the house itself until I sell the treefarm. 

I decided that I should at least put up a sign along the main road letting passers-by know the treefarm is for sale.  For many months nothing came of that either, so I had a talk a couple of weeks ago with my angels to remind them that once again the clock is ticking.  I'm already halfway through my 73rd year with no further progress in achieving my new life. Less than a week later while I was away camping in the valley I received a message that someone had seen the sign, looked at the treefarm, and loved it!  He just dropped right out of the sky, as I always believed he would.  The angels had to set in motion a very complex process to make me aware of this good news, however, since I have no means of reliable  direct communication with the outside world while I am camping at my valley place.

My angels have emphasized throughout this experience that my lessons have been to do what I can to help the process, such as putting up the sign, and to have patience and wait for them to provide just the right person at just the right time.  Thank you angels!!! It appears that this is the perfect time and the buyer is exactly what I've been hoping for.  As soon as the deal is finalized I'll be ready to begin my new life. During this long wait for the perfect buyer I have had time to revise my book and prepare it for publishing, something that would not have been done had the treefarm sold earlier.  Just another example of how my angels are working to make sure that everything in my life is perfectly timed.

Many small  daily occurrences  bear this out.  For instance, today on my way to the Post Office to get my mail I had to hit my brakes suddenly, causing a rusty brake line on my car to blow out.  Had it happened a couple weeks from now when I was traveling on the steep mountain road to my valley place I would have been in deep trouble.  Thank you angels for saving my life.  Again, as always, your timing was impeccable.

As our ship of self-discovery now sails headlong into uncharted waters, we can look forward to visiting several ports of call in this mysterious land of house-building that is yet still on the horizon, but drawing ever nearer each day.  At each stop we will expect to find exciting new learning experiences as we explore unfamiliar territories.  We will also look at the lessons learned at each stop, and see how they have enhanced our understanding of this previously unfamiliar land of house-building.  

For now, I'm so excited to be sitting at the base of yet another mountainous  challenge (like those I explored in some earlier posts) that I couldn't wait to share my latest good fortune with those who are still skeptical about angels, and to let everyone know of another successful angelic intervention in my life.

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