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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

27th Dec Angels and Me

I guess it is time now for me to tell the story of how I have come to understand my relationship to my angels. In the early 90’s my mom sent me a package for my birthday. When I opened it I found 3 small books, each with "angel" in the title. I had just about had enough about this angel stuff, so I literally threw them aside to the other end of the couch from where I usually sat. About the same time my colleague at work told me about her recent experience at a spiritual church. She was told that she had 2 angels standing behind her. One was a light being with a sword, there to protect her. The other was dressed as a Jesuit priest, which turned out to be her great grandfather, there to teach her.

That was my first introduction to spiritual things that involve angels. Also about the same time on TV there was a talk show called "The Other Side", which was conveniently on at noon while we were home for lunch. It explored all things paranormal, and introduced us to psychics, mediums, healers, spiritual leaders, etc. Many of them are now well known and highly regarded in their fields, but back then they were virtually unknown to most people.

3 or 4 months after I had thrown those little books aside, the idea suddenly popped into my mind that it was time to see what was in them. They were filled with angel stories that were absolutely not explainable by anything else but divine intervention. A plane that was low on gas needed to land at an airport that was closed down due to thick fog. They landed safely because they were talked down through the fog by the tower, only the tower did not know anything about it!

A college student on her way home was snowed in on the highway, and a tow truck came along and offered to tow her home. She went in to get money to pay the driver but when she came out there was no tow truck and no tracks to show that it had ever been there. Yet her car was now parked safely in front of her home. As I read story after story like these, I looked back at the many times in my life when I had seemingly been "really lucky" that the right person or situation came along at just the right time. And I began to wonder…..was it really luck?

So I started to pay more attention to events in my life, like when things just "fell into my lap". More and more I came to realize that I was receiving aid from heaven. As a Taurus, I am very down to earth. Ideas floating in the clouds, such as esoteric concepts, just don’t match my thought processes. So I began to think of my angels as my helpers, and I talk to them more as friends than as divine beings.

After many years on this spiritual journey I have come to the realization that each angel is an "arm" of God, a part of the Supreme Divine Presence. Every person has angels specifically assigned to take care of him or her only, unless we choose to send them to help someone else who needs special help. It is very comforting to know that these friends are always there to talk to. My deceased relatives and other angels may offer their help at specific times, but there is one or more actual guardian angels from the Divine that are with me all the time for protection and guidance.

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