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4th Aug Life Imitates Hello Myrmidon

Today I’ll explore two examples of how my book, Hello Myrmidon, has taken over my life and caused me to assume the role of the older girl (“Myrmidon”).  She acts as a sort of mentor to the younger girl (“A”), offering stories that are examples of decisions in her life and how they turned out.  The stories not only give her openings to impress on “A” the importance of every decision,   but also allow Myrmidon to offer suggestions such as ways in which "A" could interact with people she meets to enrich their lives and hers as well.  So  now I offer you proof of this phenomenon with 2 cases of "life imitating art”.

The first case involves a suggestion by Myrmidon to initiate conversations with people in the grocery store, both while standing in line at the checkout, and with random strangers while they’re shopping. I have talked to people in the checkout line at the market for years, but I usually only stop to talk to people who are still shopping if they seem to be unsure of what to buy.  I am a dietitian by profession, so it’s very natural for me to offer assistance when I notice people pondering over their possible choices. Just the other day an older couple were trying to decide which brand of cottage cheese to buy, so I showed them the brand that I choose which has only milk and enzymes, no extraneous chemical ingredients.  They were very appreciative for the advice, especially when I informed them that I was a dietitian.  

But since I have written this book I seem to be more aware of people of all kinds in the store, so recently when I passed 3 young men that were all Indians but speaking to each other in English I stopped to say hi,  and ask them how they liked our area.  It was obvious they were tourists, so I wanted to be sure they knew about where to go and which places to see. 

They were buying bottled water because they had just arrived in town and needed to get provisions.  I told them about our special little lighthouse, as well as how to see the best Redwoods and beaches, etc., and they seemed very grateful for the information. Then I asked them where in India they came from and they said they were from 3 separate areas, each with a different language.  That’s why they speak English to each other. They were very impressed that I had been to all three areas in India where they came from, and even knew a few words in one of the languages.  They are actually residents of the US now, working in Silicon Valley, having graduated from USC.

I asked their names, but couldn’t understand 2 of them at all. The third was pronounced “H-ah-nn-ie” but spelled “Hanny”. I asked why in heavens name his parents had spelled it in English that way, since anyone who sees it written will rhyme it with “Nanny”.  I wondered why they didn’t make it “Hani”,   He said it was because in Hindi the n’s are especially emphasized and drawn out, hence the double n’s.

This was just a taste of the wonderful time we had together in the store isle for more than an hour!  We felt we parted as friends, and I hope that they took from it a good feeling about the people who live here, as well as information on the area that they might not have learned otherwise. Because I’m reminded of this suggestion each time I read and edit my manuscript, I chose to have that enjoyable hour with 3 delightful young men, and they had an experience to remember as well.

The second example of life imitating art is about a different sort of experience I have had with a young girl who lives in India.  Thanks to the internet we can meet people all over the globe these days, and experience things that were not possible even a decade ago.  I don’t remember just how we met online, but we have struck up a friendship that is so much like Myrmidon and “A” that it's uncanny.  She feels to me like “A”, to whom I can offer advice and suggestions as Myrmidon did.  She says while she was reading the book manuscript she began to identify with “A”, and now looks forward eagerly to my suggestions and wise counsel. 

She's working toward an advanced degree, and I'm already retired from my profession, but our relationship is still very much like that of the 2 girls in Hello Myrmidon.  I have already advised and given suggestions from my experience on problems and decisions that she is wrestling with currently.  What fun it is to actually step into the shoes of Myrmidon to help this young girl to make the decisions that will allow her to achieve her dreams.  

Our latest adventure together was to trade the introductions to our next books.  We basically left eachother hanging on the edge of a cliff, wondering what is going to happen next in the story.  That makes me feel like we have a connection that is very special.  Somehow I have overlooked answering a recent message, and she was quite worried that I might have given up on her.  But I couldn’t believe I hadn't answered it, because I remembered what I'd said in the message!

I looked in my records and sure enough, no message was sent.  So I must have answered it in my head but did not make time to write and send it to her.  This is shameful behavior on my part, but really underscores the dependence we both have already on each other.  As soon as I send a message I can’t wait for the answer, the same way the girls did in my book.  And if it doesn’t come when expected I feel let down.  So I wrote and assured her I would answer that message soon, and that I would never intentionally leave her hanging without a word.  I reminded her that I am old, however, and often forget things, and so please feel free to prompt me if I fail to answer as expected.

This whole experience is a blessing that I never expected to arise from my book. I had no idea that I would ever actually be a Myrmidon to someone’s “A”, and it has enriched my life more than I could have imagined.  Who knew that I would be a living example of life imitating art, not just in these two cases but in many instances that have become an integral part of my everyday life.


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