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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

30th Mar To Retrieve or Not Retrieve

To retrieve or not retrieve, that is the question.  Whether tis  nobler  to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous gobbledegook that sails randomly across your mind, or to take arms  against this endless  onslaught of  trivial nonsense to dare to find and rescue  one tiny little gem now  lost  in a sea of drivel from a long past era.   Is the solution to this query to sleep, perchance to dream?  What dreams may come that could reveal a glimpse of that sought-after jewel that lies at the bottom of a black and murky sea of forgotten achievements….?  

(Willie S. is my soulmate, we were born on the same day, a mere 380 years apart, so I am sure he won’t mind my playing with his words today.  After yesterday’s heavy dose of verbiage I needed to lighten things up a bit.)

I guess you get the idea by now. My angels woke me today to a glimpse of something in my cranial archives that I can’t quite access but that I know is there, waiting for me to uncover.  I am sure I dreamed of it in the night, but I am left now with only a residual impression, a vague visual sense of its presence. 

It was not that far back in years, but a lifetime for those of the internet generation. It was the late 90’s, and we were too poor to be able to afford a fancy new computer that could access this brand new highway to the world.  So I did not do my internet drivers education until the year 2000.  By then, besides email, there were sites that offered lots of fun stuff, like contests and games to attract viewers.  I have the feeling that there was a writing contest, in which I must have entered some kind of composition.  At this time I recall only an icon, probably referring to a major character in the essay. 

I will continue to reel off my memories, like sitting in front of a microfilm screen,   as useless outdated stories pass before my eyes, always on the lookout for that one special gem that is the answer to the question.  Is it worth suffering such slings and arrows looking for that fortune?   I will let you know as soon as I know the answer.

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