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15th Dec Astrological Review of 2016

Today I was downloading another spiritual self-help video. In the process of making sure that it was saved to the place I intended, I accidentally ran across a yearly astrological birth chart analysis that I had saved from 2015. Just for fun I decided to check it out before deleting it, although I was sure there would not be anything there that would be useful in almost 2017. But nothing could have been further from the truth. When I originally received it in 2015, I had skimmed through it. I did notice that it actually mentioned a few dates reaching into 2017, which I ignored at that time. It was very detailed, with many categories and dates, so it was impossible to remember or properly digest all of it at one time.

For months after that I read parts of it now and then, and each time I found the current information interesting, but spread through the document in such a way as to be overwhelming in scope. So one day, instead of making yet another attempt at digesting the information, I sat down and colored every pertinent date yellow, like a computer version of a yellow highlighter pen. Then I gave it an icon on my desktop, and occasionally, when the spirit moved me, I would skim through it and look at what applied to the current date.

I never noticed anything particularly earth-shattering there, but it always gave me comfort and hope for good things to come. Then I would forget all about it for a while again. My visits to those pages became less and less often, and now it has been several months since I even thought about looking at it. In fact, I had forgotten that it was even on the desktop, and this time I actually noticed it in my documents list. Before I deleted it, I figured I should at least see what I was throwing away, and I am very glad I did.

I scrolled down through it, and found out that it had information that is still current. In fact, right now it says that this is a very special time for my emotional, creative, and spiritual growth. Is it just a coincidence that I will be publishing my book soon, starting a website including a blog, and have just today thought about a book based on those very blogs? I don’t think so. All these things were totally off the radar 2 years ago. My numerology calendar for 2016 had September as amazingly full of “sunny days”, and my life has been a whirlwind of events ever since, that has left my head reeling. And now I rediscover this astrological guide that is amazingly similar. Here is a quote of one small passage from it:

“A magical mystery tour opens up for you in the period around September 2016 which dissolves many inner blockages and opens up the inner world of your emotions. At the same time your consciousness is expanded through encounters which open the doors of perception and bring spiritual growth. It is the soft values that count now – music and the arts, film and creativity – and you can be truly inspired. This is because the barriers of your identity are swept away, opening your consciousness to universal values that awaken you to a world that is much greater. You are receptive to the sorrows and pain of humanity as well as to the joys of being at one with the cosmos. This can be a cathartic process for your own past suffering, which now becomes the key to spiritual insight. This process can be part of a longer period of spiritual refinement connected with events around March 2017 - a time when you need to tune in, turn on, and perhaps drop out.”

Whew! This information is all applicable to my present life, especially those words and phrases I have underlined. Note how they resonate with what I have already expressed in this blog for the past 2 weeks! I have talked about learning about myself and who I am—my identity--by reviving long buried memories. And also how I now understand better the root causes of some of my past suffering and that of my family members. I have mentioned how inspiration has at times flooded my mind again lately.

My angels have apparently chosen to reacquaint me with the information in that guide from 2015 to let me know that I am following my destined path. This is evident as my book continues to make progress toward being in the hands of people who can be helped by it. And further evidence is shown in the deepening of my understanding of myself and expanding my spiritual insight regarding my unique place in the fabric of the cosmos.

They say hindsight is better than foresight, and it does apply here. When I originally read the guide I was looking forward, and it all sounded like a flight of fancy. But now that I can look back on what actually happened, it is amazingly descriptive of the developments in my life for the past 2 years. Maybe there really is something to this birth star-chart thing……or perhaps it is just my angels wanting to give me confirmation that they are guiding me to a destination that I cannot yet see. And all this is occurring within the exact time frame that was laid out over 2 YEARS AGO!!!

For instance, just today I realized that this blog that they guided me to start 2 weeks ago may one day be the content for a follow-up book to HELLO MYRMIDON. It would have a similar format, but instead of letters between pen pals it could be a series of messages from my angels to me and to the readers, to help us all to understand ourselves better. For sure that is my best Christmas gift this year, and knowing that it is lovingly sent especially to me from God’s angels makes it perhaps the best Christmas gift of my lifetime.

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