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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

5th Nov My Book From the Male Viewpoint

The childhood character whom I called “Ellie” in my book HELLO MYRMIDON was my best friend.  The real life “Ellie”  is gone now,  but her husband, known as “Dave” in the book, recently traveled around the country to visit all her many special friends,  and I had the honor of being included in that group.  During the visit we talked about what she meant to me, and I offered to send him my manuscript of the book so he could see how I have immortalized her there.  I asked him to tell me if it is an accurate portrayal of her, and to give his general opinion of the book.  Recently I received  his comments, which, of course, sent me on a cavalcade of memories of “Ellie” and thoughts about the book and how to respond to those comments.

When I wrote HELLO MYRMIDON I tried to look at everything from a young girl’s perspective, since that’s who the main characters are. For that reason I knew that women of any age would probably have no difficulty “getting it”. However, I was concerned that men would not understand many of the nuances of life as seen by teenage girls in the 60’s.  And the real life “Dave’s” comments definitely bear that out.

First of all "Dave" said he enjoyed reading the book, and felt it gave a good view of my life as I was growing up.  He said that if I have any nieces I should make sure they read it so they will have an appreciation of their family roots.  But he also felt that this “old time” flavor  has a down side too.  He says that older folks will relate well to it, but that it may not hold the attention of the younger generation, who are used to modern devices and social media that employ short bytes and emogies to get their points across.

My answer to this is that those short bytes can’t possibly communicate the principles conveyed by the intricacies of the stories in HELLO MYRMIDON.  If I had merely stated the main point of each story without any details I’m sure they would never understand the value of it.  So if teenagers don’t read it themselves, their grandparents can see how I did it, and then pass down the same principles in the stories of their own families.

“Dave“ was so taken by my descriptions of the geographical areas where the stories happened that he was hungry for the actual names and locations of the places.  I did not specify the places partly to preserve the anonymity of the girls.  But I also selfishly wanted to avoid a huge influx of tourists who might want to settle in those idyllic places, irreparably changing their complexions.  He did admit, however, that maybe it was just the way I presented the colorful descriptions of the places that made him long to go there and see them for himself.

He also felt that I overemphasized the physical aspects of the “perfect man”, but he admitted that it may be because he has never thought that physical attributes were very important.   It was probably more that he has never seen the world through the eyes of a teenage girl.  I have, so I understand how these pen pals would have described their perfect man.

These comments by “Dave” have made me realize the myriad of decisions that a writer must ponder when using stories to communicate principles to readers  of all ages and genders.   In writing the book I didn’t really think about why I chose a particular road over any other, probably because I have encountered many of the same forks as I lived my own life.    

“Dave” did begin and end his critique by saying the book is beautiful, and, like me, he hopes it will soon be published. Then each reader can judge whether or not I have succeeded in choosing the roads which will guide him or her to the appropriate destinations.

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