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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

1st Aug Writing a Book Has Changed My Life

Summer is whizzing by at an alarming pace, as usual for me.  My life is totally occupied with chores and projects at each of my 3 places, allowing little if any time for thoughts of an etheric nature that encourage me to examine who I am and why I’m here.  But as I awoke today my angels elbowed their way in during  my normal morning review of  the days scheduled activities, and started me thinking about how much my book has changed my “usual” summer life.

I’ve recently received a nice review of Hello Myrmidon from some editors of a publishing company.   They started out by saying that it’s well written!!  I was stunned, and consequently didn’t hear anything else the man said on the phone, so I asked him later to repeat it in an email.  They said Hello Myrmidon captured well the feel of the era, and offered many valuable life lessons, which really made my day, since that was exactly what I’d hoped to convey.  

Their only suggestion was to use more contractions, since that’s the way we speak these days.  So, interspersed with my other activities, I‘ve managed to find time to read the book aloud a couple times, adding the contractions as suggested.  I found it very surprising that I was consistently reading it with contractions, even before they were actually written!  They’re so automatic it’s  easy to miss them.  Even now, after 2 complete run-throughs, I can still find places where they’re needed. This is all really weird, because I myself was in the middle of another routine revision to polish the text the same day the editors read it. That day I too noticed the need for contractions, and had already started adding some here and there.  Talk about woo-woo....  

This was just one unexpected experience on this whirlwind adventure trip of writing a book.  There are other effects that Hello Myrmidon has had on my life which can only be described as “life imitating art”.  However, since it’ll require time to explore them properly, I’ll leave that for the next stop on this colorful voyage of self-discovery.


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