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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

4th Dec Mom’s Story Part 2

I will continue now with my mom’s most memorable Christmas story. I will do my best to relate it accurately, filling in words where mom didn’t give them exactly or where I have forgotten what she told me, to give an accurate representation of the events.

When her brothers ran to their father with the news that she had “undressed” in front of them, he immediately assumed that they were telling the truth. Consequently, he believed that his young daughter was exhibiting unacceptable slut-like behavior already at age 6. So he marched into the bathroom and literally dragged her out by the arm into her bedroom, and closed the door. He sat on the bed directly in front of her and in a very stern voice asked if she had deliberately tried to show herself by taking off her clothes in front of the boys. She of course denied it, and tried to tell him that she just wanted to show them what she could do with her new tights. He would not listen to her explanation, and instead grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her while demanding she confess what she did. Once again she refused and tried to tell him the truth.

He apparently thought she was now adding lying and insolence to her offense, so he took off his belt and started beating her with it. He continued alternatively asking for a confession and beating her. This may have gone on for at least an hour, I don’t think she even knew how long it was, it just seemed like an eternity. But she knew she was innocent and stuck to her guns. So he kept beating her relentlessly. Finally her mother came into the room and asked if she could talk to Mom alone for a minute.

When her father left momentarily her mother whispered to her to tell him that she did it. Mom was crying big sobs, but managed to say emphatically that she did not do what he had accused her of. Her mother replied “I know dear, but he will stop if you just say you did”. So, after her mother had gone, and her father had returned and had again picked up the belt, she told him that she did undress in front of the boys as he thought. His demeanor instantly changed to that of a triumphant soldier, and he announced emphatically “It sure took long enough to get the truth out of you. Now see that you never bare yourself in front of boys again.”

Right away her mother came in and salved her wounds and put her to bed. As she lay there still softly sobbing her mother brought her a special doll. It was one that had belonged to one of her aunts or cousins who was now grown and had passed it down to her mother, my grandma. It had a porcelain head, so Grandma had carefully restored the paint, and put a new body and clothes on it so that she could give it to one of her girls for Christmas. But since Mom was so hurt by the whole event that morning she brought it to Mom and told her that it was her early Christmas present. As time went on, Mom surmised that the doll had actually been intended for her younger sister, but she treasured it all the more, and played with it all the time until she became a teenager. Then she just hugged it, or sat it on the bed and shared her private thoughts with it. It really made her feel good to know that she actually had such a special doll, and that it would be there waiting for her every day after school.

But one day it just disappeared! When she asked her mother, Grandma told Mom that she gave it to a cousin for her daughters, since Mom ”didn’t play with it anymore anyway.” Grandma just never understood what that doll meant to Mom. She secretly grieved for it for a long time. And her suffering was intensified, because losing it in such a cold and uncaring manner was like another slash with her father’s belt. I have absolutely no memories of any special doll. I don’t even remember the ones in those buggies. I wonder if that is because Mom didn’t want to rekindle those bad memories associated with her own doll by giving us a special doll. At the close of her life when I mentioned to her that I never had a special doll, or any dolls that I remember for that matter, she wanted to run right out and buy me one. But by that time I was in control of where she went and what she bought so I told her it was not necessary, and she seemed to forget about it.

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