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Hello Myrmidon is a beautifully woven tale which takes the reader on a journey of inner contemplation. Writing letters opens up the dialogue between two people who may have never shared their inner most thoughts if they had met in person. This book is reflective and joyful, and there are many things to learn from sharing it with your family.

Susan Day, Australia

HELLO MYRMIDON is not only a book but an experience that is worth going through. It made me realize that decisions do matter in our lives, and sometimes without our knowledge the smallest decisions make a lot of difference. I cannot thank you enough for this book, it touched me deeply.

Moushmi Radhanpara, India

I feel that this book would be valuable reading for any young person beginning to face life and make decisions on their own. I wish I had read such a book in my own youth! It is enjoyable and easy to read, not too preachy, and will make the reader think in a more positive way.

Nancy Knowles, Washington


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Hello Myrmidon

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