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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

11th Dec Christmas Lights Fade

Many subsequent Christmases have passed without much fanfare. Before long my mom moved here, so it was not necessary to make the long drive to Sacramento every year. We exchanged gifts with each other and Mom, but over time we lost touch with the rest of the family who lived out of the area. As Christmases came and went my husband and I became less and less enthusiastic about exchanging gifts, because we just bought things for each other throughout the year instead. So by the time KW became totally disabled in 1992, we no longer did the gift thing, and a few years later we gave up the indoor tree thing too. Then the outdoor tree and lights that I described in a previous blog post became the embodiment of our Christmas spirit.

One of my colleagues where I used to work never forgets me though. She always makes sure I have at least one gift to unwrap Christmas morning. This year it is actually 3 small colorfully wrapped boxes, what a thoughtful person. She also holds a “wreath making session” for colleagues and other close friends. It’s a place to not only make a beautiful wreath for our front doors, but a bit of a hen party too, so that we can catch up on each other’s gossip for the year. And when I told her I would not be participating in the gift exchange portion this year, she brought one for me too because she would not allow me to opt out. The gift I drew during the exchange is a beautiful circular piece of glass with a star molded in the center. It is mounted in an iron framework suitable for holding a large candle, which shows through the glass and makes a nice glow. Wow. That is really beautiful and will fit perfectly with the ambiance in my future country home.

So I have pretty much already had my Christmas for the year. Now I can just sit back and watch Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and make applesauce from the apples from the trees in my backyard. My neighbor Dennis, who usually brought around goodies to everyone on the block at Christmas, passed away this year, and his wife moved away recently. On Christmas Eve I will probably make pumpkin bread from the pumpkin I froze from my garden last year, and share it with the neighbors along with a jar of applesauce in remembrance of Dennis.

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