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Guest Blogs

Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

7th Dec Christmas with KW

So far in my review of Christmas past, there is evidence of the usual trappings, although the Christmas spirit remained absent or at least muted. But in 1974 KW entered the scene. He came from a family of 6 kids, who lived in a very small house and had very little money to provide Christmas cheer. Now that he was in his own place, he wanted to compensate for what he missed as a child by having all the trappings and showering me with gifts. He was a log truck driver, but was laid off for the winter, so we didn’t have a lot of money right then either. To have a tree we went to a vacant property he knew about and cut a small scrub pine tree. For decorations we used a tattered string of lights and some old ornaments that he got from his folks. We were fine with that, because we knew we would be at my mom’s place for Christmas so we didn’t need to have a lot of decorations in our apartment.

Christmas itself was less than 2 months after we met, but we started accumulating a few items to make our life easier right away. He had good credit at the local appliance store, so first it was a freezer so we could keep all the fish we were given, since he had many friends that were commercial fishermen. Then it was a dish washer, because I had made clear from the beginning my distaste for washing dishes by hand. One day I mentioned that a small toaster oven would be very handy, so he decided to get me one for Christmas.

He did not have any experience with them, so he went to the appliance store and asked them for the biggest and best one they had. And that is what he proudly brought home and wrapped for me. When I opened it on Christmas I knew right away it was not what we needed, but I did not let on. And when I appeared very pleased with it he got tears in his eyes because he was so happy to see that. I knew right then that I could never complain about anything he bought for me, because he had done his best to make me happy without any experience with the products. So the effect of that Christmas experience lasted throughout our 35 years together, but after that I did make sure that I was at least in on every major purchase.

I am really glad I figured that out right at the beginning, because I did break my rule one time a few years before he died. I made him return an item he bought for me because it wasn’t good enough, and he carried the pain of that failure to his grave. It is definitely worth remembering that there are some seemingly minor events that result in lessons learned and decisions made at Christmas that actually influence our lives from that time on. It is important to be aware that this happens, and to be careful that we learn the lesson if possible on the first go around, so that we don’t do like I did and cause unneeded pain. I could have kept the band saw he bought for me, but I had already planned to buy the one I wanted, and just didn’t think about his feelings. Having realized my mistake, later I allowed him to buy me another one, bigger but very poor quality. It made him happy, and I just lived with it. I couldn’t hurt him again.

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