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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

13th Dec an Angelic Intervention

Today I am remembering what I believe was an angelic intervention last year at this time. After KW passed away, it took a few months for me to start getting used to being single again. Then when I began thinking about finding a new friend to do things with, I decided to try out one of the popular internet dating sites for free, just to see what is out there. For years I got very few good matches, none that would compel me to subscribe so that I could contact them. Eventually I also signed up for free on another site, but more time went by without finding any matches there either that would interest me enough to pay to contact them.

Then in mid-November last year one of the sites suddenly offered a rare and unadvertised “free” day when complete access to the site was allowed, including email. So I messaged several guys that I thought might be interesting to know, explaining that they must send their reply that day or I would not be able to read it. Just in case the best ones didn’t read my message during the “free” time I included my PO Box address as an alternate way to contact me.

I received no email replies, and no postal letters in the following 2 weeks, so I just forgot about them and moved on. Then one day a full 3 weeks after the “free” time I received a letter from one of the guys! I figured he had kept my address until he had more time to write, but amazingly that was not the case. He didn’t subscribe either, so he shouldn’t have been able to read my email after the “free” day, but somehow he did. And not right away either, it was more than 2 weeks after the “free” day that he read it, and mailed off his letter the same day.

I cannot attribute that whole scenario to anything else but angelic intervention. His letter arrived in early December, so I contacted him immediately. In the course of our dialog he told me he was scheduled for life-changing surgery in just a few days. As it happened, I have a good friend who had recently had a similar surgery. So in our email exchanges I was able to offer information about recovery from the surgery, and lots of comfort and reassurance as the surgery date approached. And afterwards I was “there” for him for several months while he recovered.

During that time we did actually meet face to face, and we both knew right away that we were not a match as a couple. But I believe his guardian angel brought us together to help him get through that difficult time in his life, and my angels gave me an opportunity to be of service to him. It was a win-win. I am still looking for my Mr. Right, but I am sure that my angels will drop him into my life at the perfect time.

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