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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

1st Apr What Price Glory, Sweat, Tears

Writing a book is a very parallel experience to childbirth, minus the physical pain and annoyances of course.  But the same kind of psychological anguish and anxiety monopolize an author’s attention, waiting for a kernel-size living thing to grow into something that can be shared with the world.   An author experiences all the same stages of this growth, such as:  fear that things will not go well and that it could either be lost or come out less than perfect;  exhilaration each time a new stage is reached, bringing the finish ever nearer;  apprehension and uncertainty about the changes it will bring to the author’s life;  preparation for these changes by providing all the physical accoutrements necessary for the baby to be comfortable and fit into its new world.  All the months of going through the various stages of this growth  means that when  an author’s“ baby” finally enters  the world,  he already has an intimate connection  to it that is unequalled by anything other than childbirth. 

Like all new proud parents an author knows his book is the most beautiful baby in the nursery and eagerly wants to show it off to the world.  He expects people to run to see it, and ooh and ahh over it incessantly like he himself does.  After all, all babies are cute, right?  But he is sure his really stands out among all the others, why can’t everyone see that???   So what about those visitors who come and see the baby, are they going to tell him what he wants to hear?  Or the truth, that his baby is the homeliest one in the nursery.  If they just keep quiet and don’t say anything, what does that say?  Maybe the visitors are just too busy to take the time to say how they feel, having taken as much time out of their busy day as they can spare just to come and see the baby.  Or did it impress them so little that they just went on and forgot about it? Or, did they care about the author enough that they didn’t want to spoil his excitement by telling him that his baby is not much to look at?  Or maybe, not being authors themselves, they just didn’t understand that an author really needs to know the product of all those months of sweat and tears is actually worth the glory he feels about it.

The objective, of course, is for the world to beat a path to the author’s door and scoop up books by the armloads. But there are many babies in the nursery these days, and they all look alike.  So to stand out from the crowd then is key.  Many apparently assign a very low monetary value, hoping that selling many will make up for the small take on each one.  Most authors offer them in as many formats as possible, and in as many venues as possible, to expose them to as many buyers as possible.  In spite of all their  effort, very few succeed in making more than the costs of writing, publishing, and marketing their books in this manner. Only those who have some kind of special “hook” seem to survive this melee in the black. 

In response to this plethora of fledgling authors, many webinars have popped up on the internet offering help to aspiring writers, giving all kinds of ways to beat the system and come out on top.  It became apparent to me after listening to several of these “get your book published quick” scenarios, and  after perusing  the book  nursery at amazon,  that a website was definitely something that was required if I ever expected to run with the big dogs. 

Hence the site where you are reading this.  Don’t you agree it is beautiful?  Since a few days after launch, however, there has been no word from any casual visitors that they see it the way I do.  After all, I'm no different than any other new parent, who feels his baby is the cutest in the nursery, but everyone else thinks it is just another baby.  But also like any parent, I am very proud of my “baby” and the website that is its home.  It not only showcases my book, but also continues similar writing in this blog.  The idea is to get people addicted to my writing style and want more, so they will then flock to buy my book when it is finally published. Like a captive audience, so to speak.

 As with a baby, there are stages of growth that a book passes through, like crawling, walking, talking etc.  So I am looking forward to the next stage of growth, which is getting it published.  I have yet to decide about that, but it appears that self-publishing is the most practical in today’s market, so I must wait until I have the funds to proceed with that.  But there are other things that I am able to do now, like continuing to get the word out about this site on various platforms like search engines, social media, and word of mouth.  

The next big step for this proud parent is to face the task of placing an arbitrary dollar value on my beloved offspring, without knowing what prospective buyers will actually feel about its worth.  So the challenge is to assign an amount that will reflect how I feel, and still not chase off interested parties. If the amount is too low, it will risk being perceived of little value, and it will surely flounder in a sea of lookalikes.  If it is noticeably higher than other similar choices at the same venue, then it will no doubt be overlooked or avoided because it appears to be overpriced.

This, then, is the conundrum that looms ahead in my future.  I'm inclined at this time to lean towards assigning a substantial value to my book, both intrinsic and monetary, and offer it exclusively on this site. This would mean many fewer sales, but I'd be assured that those buyers will not just read it and throw it away like yesterday’s newspaper.  Perhaps it will even stand proudly in their bookcases, available some day to enrich the lives of the next generation of young adults in their families. So those who feel they would like to read it but cannot afford a substantial price should think about offering to review it now, while it is still in the gestational phase.  I'd be willing to allow a select few to do that, but only if they swear on a stack of Bibles that they will give me a substantive review,  rather than just take it and run without a word like most others have done.  You know how to contact me, so it's up to you.


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