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Response of Readers


“I feel that this book would be valuable reading for any young person beginning to face life and make decisions  on their own.  I wish I had read such a book in my own youth!  As I look back there were things I could have handled better if I had thought about them more than I did.  I appreciate that it is easy to read, and not too “preachy”, but just good advice given from a near-contemporary to one who is only slightly behind in age—and therefore closer to the problems of their  own generation.  All in all, this was an enjoyable book to read, and will make the reader think in a more positive way.”      

Nancy Knowles,  USA



"I completed reading your novel, and I loved it. I read it while traveling or just waiting for things to happen.  It is not only a book, but an experience which is worth going through. You have made me realize that decisions do matter a lot in our lives. Sometimes without our knowledge the smallest decisions make a lot of difference. For most of the latter part I kept relating "A" to myself, her decisions, her conversations with Myrmidon, her prom. The flower that was there at the prom reignited my memories and the love for flowers. When I had my high school farewell, a guy gave me a very beautiful rose. It was just a single rose, but it was beautifully presented and given to me with great love and care (on his knee) which made it very special.  I still have it inside of one of my old journals. I cannot thank you enough for this book, it touched me deeply."

Moushmi Radhanpara, India    

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