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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

25th May Will You Accept My Apology?

To all my loyal fellow passengers on this voyage who regularly expect to visit an exciting new port of call, please accept my apology.  Life has been very complex of late, so my angels have taken pity on me and kept my mind quiet for the past month. As the captain of this vessel I did not intend to ignore you, or to be derelict in my duty to you.  My elderly brain is just not as adept at multi-tasking as it used to be.  Nowadays I have to concentrate mostly on the task at hand, consequently allowing other obligations to fall by the wayside.

Summer is the time I schedule a week each month to spend at my place in the little valley pictured in the photo at the top of all my web pages.  It is an opportunity to indulge in new projects that are leading up to the time when I will build my house there, so they are exciting and fresh.  But while I am there I am totally off-grid, and unable to access the internet or write new posts.  The ambiance there fills me with pleasure and fulfilment, and represents the realization of a lifetime dream to live again in that valley.  So that only leaves me 3 weeks each month to take care of my other 2 places.

One of these, the treefarm, needs so much maintenance that it should be a full time job.  However, this elderly body is not able to keep up with it all by itself anymore, so the whole place is showing signs of neglect that I see every time I go there.  This means that I feel very inadequate and sad when I am there, and  for that reason I tend to avoid going as often as I should.  It has been for sale for over a year now, and I have concentrated on getting it ready to show by removing what I do not want to sell with it.  But what to do with the things I bring to town?  I don’t have room here in my small house, and there is no storage at my valley place either.  So things just keep piling up around me until I can hardly move around. 

Then there is my book.  It is already written and has had basic editing and polishing, but as yet has no illustrations.  I have spent many hours studying what to do about publishing the book, and I have now decided to publish it in a high end heritage format, and have spent a lot of time to find just the right publisher to do it. The search for the illustrator consumed even more time, and now I believe I may have found just the right person for that too.  The actual publishing is waiting on funding, however, which will be provided from the sale of the treefarm.  The website where you are reading this blog has also taken a huge amount of time to perfect and publicize but is now ready for prime time.

So you can see that there are many things on my plate right now.  I just visited a relative who needed a care giver for a few days, and upon my return I found messages regarding each of the areas of concern I just outlined.  A real estate person said he has a potential buyer;  a book publishing outfit offered to do a basic edit for me for free;  my illustrator has been delayed by illness in the family; and a guy who did a project for me in the valley  asked if everything was ok and if I found his invoice.  As if these were not enough to deal with, there was also an investigator that wants me to testify in a court case.  Whew!  And that was after being gone only 5 days!!

If the buyer does materialize then all hell will break loose, and I will be consumed for the foreseeable future with moving and with publishing my book.  So please know that I am not ignoring you, or abandoning my journey of self-discovery.  I must give priority to things that will further my progress toward reaching my goals.  Never fear, when I again have a chance to write I will provide updates on everything.  For now I will just float aimlessly around on an uncharted ocean, not stopping at any port of call to see the sights, resupply, or discover anything new about myself. In the meantime you are welcome to revisit the ports we have already examined, as it is always interesting to see how far we have come in our journey.




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