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Mar 24,   SusanDay on Being a Grandparent

23rd Apr Me at Seventy-Three!!!

Today I am 73.  Another birthday makes its appearance.  Normally it would be just another day for me, with little fanfare or notice, except by those very thoughtful and appreciated folks who have automatic Facebook reminders.  But this birthday is a little different than usual. About 10 years ago, as I approached retirement age, I began to notice changes in my physical ability to do the things I wanted or needed to do. That signalled to me that I should start planning to reduce my workload after I retired and approached age 70.  I decided at the time one very important part of this reduction was to shed my 47acre treefarm.  I knew that I would not be able to accomplish all the maintenance and other projects that are required to keep it in top condition after I turned 73, so that landmark age became my failsafe point.   I set that mark, but at the time it seemed so far in the future that I didn’t really give it much thought or planning.

As it turned out, I was a good prophet. A lot of things at my treefarm have recently deteriorated in spite of my feeble efforts.  Just the normal spring chores are daunting. A single 70-some year old lady does not have the wherewithal to spend all of May mowing and clearing a half mile of hilly driveway, along with repairing all the various damage that freezing temperatures and driving rains can do during the winter.  Consequently I began last year to look for someone to buy it, but so far I have been unsuccessful in that effort.  Thus yet another May driveway maintenance looms ever closer in my future.  Only now I have to do it at age 73!  It is tempting to just let it go, but the way things grow in Del Norte, then there would soon be no more driveway.

And of course this past year I have had other pursuits that have occupied my attention, such as my book and this website and blog. So even what I could have been doing at the treefarm often has had to take a back seat to those obligations. But the book and the blog have really helped me to learn about myself. And, in addition, all the connections I have made as a result of them have enriched my life more than I ever expected.  Earlier today I received a message from Susan in Australia who said that she found my book to be inspirational, and offered me some sage advice about publishing it. Later she wrote me a totally fabulous review of my book for the website,  which is an awesome birthday present.  thanks!

Another young woman, Moushmi, also told me today that she really appreciated connecting with me, and we have already begun sharing thoughts on writing, as well as on our diverse cultures, religions, and ways of life.  She says she really admires my extensive experience, so I pointed out to her that some of that experience occurred during my visit to her country long ago when I was her age.  Among other things, I advised her to notice everything around her, talk to everyone she meets, and record it all in a journal.  Perhaps someday she will be a bestselling author, and my small encouragement now could be part of the seed from which that grows.

That is exactly the type of interaction that I have asked my angels to provide to me so that I can share this vast cache of experiences with those who can use them to change the world.  Grandiose idea?  Yeah, I guess, but this interaction is a good example of that.  So I guess my angels are busy fulfilling my request, and I especially appreciate finding someone that I can help on this day of all days.  And to top it all off, Moushmi offered to exchange “promotions” for our mutual benefit, so know that her wonderful blog can be googled at Aesthetic Miradh, and she will tell her blogging family about mine. You should also know that it was her blog post that inspired me to write my previous post on “making time for friends”.

In light of all these things, I can say with  absolute certainty that a birthday that could have been really depressing and awful has turned out to be one of the best days I have had in a while.  Thanks to everyone who remembered it and contributed to it with your thoughts and wishes, all of you together have literally made my day.





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