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Hi, I’m Angel Clough, and I’d like to talk a bit about the many diverse stories from my own life that fill the pages of Hello Myrmidon. While they appear on the surface to be merely colorful tales, they’re each designed to illustrate one or more family values. One thread that runs through many of the letters is the power of decisions in achieving our dreams. And, of course, obvious subjects like lying and cheating are included, as are other common challenges, like handling family conflicts, and recognizing the long-standing hurt that can result from sibling rivalry. But there are also stories that throw light on less obvious concepts, like noticing individuals on the edges of the crowd that have been neglected by the main stream of society, and then learning how to recognize their value.

In addition, some of the stories are especially pertinent for today’s teenage text addicts, to demonstrate the value of face to face encounters with the people around them. They have no idea what they’re missing by keeping their faces buried in their screens, and thereby excluding the wonderful enrichment of their lives that friends, family, and even strangers have to offer. They’re also oblivious to how they can brighten someone’s day just by simply looking into their eyes and smiling at them as they pass by, or by complimenting them on something, like their shirt or their hairdo, while in line at the supermarket. Thus these and all the other stories in HELLO MYRMIDON are intended to help them be better prepared to enter adulthood as valuable members of society.

Angel Clough

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